You’re curious. I understand.


PJ Yesawich is lost and found. He’s currently designing products, innovating platforms and changing the world with Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, California.

My passion is leading brands who are constantly in transformation. Learning, growing and adapting to new market forces and transformation globally. My work is never done - it’s always just beginning.

Lost + Found is Peter Yesawich, Jr.

Right now I’m leading creative and strategy at Deloitte Digital. As VP, Executive Creative Director - I’m working with some of the most talented people in the world. Most of my days and evenings are spent on airplanes. This is where I get some of my best work done. When I’m back on Earth, I’m leading the relationship between Deloitte and Apple in Cupertino, CA.

L+F is my life story. I was born into the advertising and film production worlds. Since a young age I’ve done things differently. I’ve stuck out like a sore thumb. I was an awkward kid (and still a kid) with a endless supply of energy, enthusiasm, passion and curiosity for the fine arts. Being lost + found is about finding out who you are – a process that never stops.

My life and career has been one long, interesting, chaotic, infatuating journey: a series of discoveries and continual self-transformation. I’ve had the sincere privilege to work with beautiful, inspiring people around the world. Their influences keep me moving forward and never settling for anything. Finding that ambition and who you truly are again and again is what matters. Learning and adapting to any situation as a creative, professional and individual keeps you relevant. I’ve found that once you start feeling comfortable and stop learning, you’re dead. That’s true for life, love, work and the endless pursuit of happiness.

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the fist place." - author unknown 


Integrated ECD & GCD – I’m a leader, high-level thinker and collaborator in the agency and brand world. Much of my experience has been focused around building and leading teams on an ECD & GCD-level. I help to develop and navigate all facets of developing integrated creative work. My roles are to ensure that traditional and digital work are seamlessly integrated across all communication platforms and supported by media marketing elements. I ensure that a single story is living and breathing across any and all communication verticals providing purpose and engagement. Many agencies and brands lack this expertise at a senior level for oversight purposes. Many clients hire me to fill this critical role in limited and expansive engagement scenarios. I push for great work and detailed executions that perform across the board and translate globally.

Commercial & Branded Content - (Creative Director & Director) - Over the past four years I’ve taken my traditional broadcast experience and infused my knowledge of digital - building a dynamic reel of personal directorial experience. I've been involved in the creation of original programming (branded content) for digital mediums such as Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix as well. On the commercial side, I’ve been serving as the Creative Director to some of Hollywood’s finest and most agile directors as a part of Aéro Film & American Rogue. From concept to execution, much of my directorial work can be seen internationally. My personal directorial work is non-union based and allows me the flexibility to concept and execute specific work for digital-only mediums. I have strong editorial, writing and motion design skill sets which afford me the ability to think outside of the box for every approach. 

Brand Marketing Consulting – The client side of our business is changing rapidly. I work with many global brands as an active consultant marrying up creative thinking and boutique agencies with relevant brands. Many brands are beginning to bring creative and production duties in-house. Brands are also proactively investing in talent and support structure to help offset the issues they have been having with external agency partners. My brand clients engage me to help align internal priorities, organizational structure and communication objectives so that marketing and advertising efforts have the largest impact. They also rely heavily on me to identify the partners they need to deliver on their visions. 

New Business Leadership – I actively lead and wrangle new business efforts for many Advertising agencies. I’m typically brought in as a conceptual heavy hitter and client-facing entity to run new business pitches for agencies. I'm comfortable leading teams that can understand the addressable business problems and challenges they are looking to conquer. In addition, I have the flexibility to tap my own personal network of freelancers and production shops that can help build very successful pitches that highlight innovative thinking and new ways of working. 

Conceptual Leadership – Both agencies and brands struggle in understanding the ‘bigger picture’ lacking creative and strategic roadmaps. They typically have good ideas or inklings of ideas but don't have the wherewithal to execute on these visions in a systematic manner. I help brand and agency teams think through ideas and approaches with the goal of bettering products and services for consumers. I process engineer teams, production frameworks and creative incubators to help methodically solve any possible challenge. 

Educator, Author, Speaker & Think Tank Facilitator - I frequently lead in-depth education sessions with brands and agencies to help solve problems creatively and strategically. These are opportunities that incorporate instruction, lecture, hands-on learning and the development of new skill sets in an engaging format that spans across the entire organization. I also am an active public speaker, author and contributor to multiple trade publications, higher education institutions and foreign trade publications as well. 

Production Resourcing – I'm often tasked with marrying up brands and agencies with best-in-breed production companies (digital, film, OOH, experiential). These alliances are formulated and based upon specific briefs, projects and assignments. In this scenario, I'm tapped with finding resources that can help deliver on visions created by agencies, brands or myself in conjunction with clients. This role is about delivering award-winning work with top talent and shops.


Campari / Wild Turkey, Asics, Redbox Instant by Verizon, Microsoft, Samsung, Nike, Intel, Audi, Porsche, Formula 1 United States, Rhapsody, eBay, Baha Mar, The Palms Las Vegas, ConAgra Foods, The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Hilton International, Marriott International, Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Scripps La Jolla Medical Centers, Verio, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Gemstone Hotels & Resorts, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, LXR / Blackstone Resorts, American Crew, Abba, Roux, Modern Organic Products, TD Ameritrade, Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pinnacle Family of Banks, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Buzzd, Porsche, Forest City Developers, Native American Tribal organizations, HBO, A&E Networks, Sunny Delight, Bossa Nova, Beats by Dre, The Rolling Stones, the country of Costa Rica, Skittles, 5React, Juicy Fruit, Altoids, Pepsi, Arizona State University and Ford Motor Vehicles. 


Cannes Festival of Creativity (Digital)
Webby Awards
One Show Awards (Digital)
Facebook Studio Awards
Best of Show, Video Game Marketing Awards
FWAs / Favourite Website Awards
FWA Mobile Site of The Day
SXSW / Annual Website Design Competition and Conference
American Design Awards / Monthly Website Design Competition
American Design Awards Semi-Annual / Annual Website Design Competition
Communication Arts Magazine / Printed Publication
Communication Arts Interactive Awards / Yearly Website Design Competition
Taschen Web Design / Printed Publication / Best of the Web
Adobe Site of The Day


Worldwide Partners Global Summit
Resort Management Conference (IRMA)
The Society Of Digital Agencies (SoDA)
Creativity Week | NYC
Creative Mornings
International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Association
Casino Fest / Casino Enterprise Management Magazine
Costa Rica Hotel & Resort Association
CACORE / Costa Rica Restaurant Association
Game Marketing Awards
Teradata Global Summit


Boulder Digital Works Founding Member / ATLAS Institute at The University of Colorado
Smith & Beta Founding Faculty Member
The Creative Circus – Atlanta, Georgia
University of Colorado School of Journalism
University of Oregon School of Advertising
Virginia Commonwealth University / VCU Brandcenter
University of Denver School of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
University of Denver Daniels College of Business
University of Southern Mississippi
The Art Institute of Colorado


Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Arnold Worldwide
Juice Pharma Worldwide
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Wieden + Kennedy
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
MEC Global